How rejection and failure inspired me to help Entrepreneurs build their business

I was inspired to create this really dope concept while listening to iTunes.

Miguel hadn’t released a music video for his song “Simple Things” at that time, and I really wanted visuals.

I mean, I really needed visuals.

The story line to Rihanna’s “We Found Love” was a perfect fit.

So I got in the studio and I put in the work.

I spent hours creating, editing and perfecting. Only to have it taken down and almost getting blocked online.

Only to have it taken down from Youtube and almost getting blocked.

I simply wanted to share my art but I did not have the platform to share it for free and not be disciplined for simply wanting to share my art.

After several attempts to get my digital art out there and being rejected, I gave up. I moved on and chucked it up as it was just another hobby.

Although this video is one of my first videos and my work is a lot better now, I had to share it because now I have my own platform and I want to inspire someone who may be going through a similar situation in life.


I gave up when I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was much closer to having that platform than I thought but I let a few roadblocks stop my greatness.

What I learned from that experience is to never give up on myself, there are better ways to do everything we do, and if we can’t go through, then we should go around it.

I am grateful that those other platforms did not make it easy for me then because although I say I gave up, I was really finding my way.  I learned that sometimes even the “simple things” take time.

Now I use that experience to teach business owners how to use video and digital marketing to build their brand.

The content used here is to showcase some of my digital work and the art of “Storytelling” in marketing for business in 2017. I will update this post monthly to showcase new projects.




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