What is a brand? 

A brand appends to our emotional and psychological associations.

What is brand optimization?

Brand optimization is strategic and focused yet, has the ability to build a strong community, while developing lasting impressions, reaching targeted audiences, and building a total experience.

An optimized brand presents key messages and vivid images at the precise point when and where your target is choosing to respond — to inquire, join, refer, click through, sign up, enroll or buy — the critical point of choice.

Designed to connect with specific audiences, when and where they’re looking for what you offer.



Where are your Customers spending their money?
42% online customers find recommendations from friends and family influential when determining where to shop.

 If you have not considered using Brand Optimization services for your business, I can guarantee that your customers are spending your money with your competitors.


” Over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad.”

Although I use an organic approach to marketing online, I highly recommend having an advertising budget of at least $50 per month. Doing so, will expedite the process of gaining new followers (leads) and help your business grow faster online.








*Prices and fees are my compensation for performing services on your behalf. It does not include marketing/advertising dollars to run paid ads online. These prices compensate me for the work and time it takes to manage your project. The value of my services is that it would essentially allow you to focus on other aspects of your business/brand and personal life.

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